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Dr. Malik Dababneh and Family

Dr. Malik Dababneh

Dr Dababneh emigrated from Jordan as an eight-year-old war refugee from Jordan. He grew up in Detroit and graduated from Michigan state University college of osteopathic medicine in 1986. He is married and has four adult children and soon to have 10 grandchildren.


Twenty-seven years in medicine

He practiced medicine in rural and inner-city hospitals for 27 years and was past president of the Fulton County medical society in Illinois


seven years treating addiction

Dr. Dababneh became addicted to marijuana at age fifteen to self-medicate for childhood depression and anxiety as a result of post-traumatic stress. He served seven years in federal prison from 2015 to 2022.

Here for you

Focused on holistic health

After incarceration, Dr. Dababneh began focusing and living the concept of the holistic spoke wheel that he has been teaching his patients for decades. The result is a healthcare guide and a creation of a one and only self-assessment to battle primary disease.

About Holistic Prevention Group

Most doctors don’t have time to educate their patients about prevention because they’re too busy fighting disease. There is primary prevention of disease like heart disease, diabetes, emphysema, cancer, degrative diseases; like dementia and joint disease, chronic pain, liver disease and skin disorders. Doctors tend to focus on secondary and tertiary prevention by performing procedures because that is where the money is. Secondary and tertiary prevention is needed once disease has affected the body. For example diabetes can lead to blindness, kidney failure, and limb amputations. Hypertension and obesity often leads to heart disease. Alcoholism can lead to liver disease and dementia. 

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Holistic Prevention Group

We will reach as many people as possible from all ages to all walks of life and educate them on prevention of disease, improvement of health, and live longer with quality of life.

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