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Our propriatary assessment tool will help you determine your overall primary wellbeing. Get your results in just a few minutes.

What to expect from the health assessment

This 20 question self assessment is based on fifty years of cumulative experience in helping people live long, happy, health lives. The questions are general and may seem ambiguous but they are all interconnected in an attempt to bring out the best possible outcome. The self assessment is intended for you to take an honest look at your health. 

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Learn about the creator, Dr. Malik Dababneh

Dr. Dababneh has used his unique experiences to create a primary prevention guide. It is comprehensive, holistic, and functional. Author of Nation Heal Thyself, along with 27 years of experience in inner-city and rural medicine, Dr. Dababneh has created a guide that can be used to improve your health and wellbeing. His aim is to define primary prevention and prevent primary diseases that lead to illness, disability, and death. More than 80% of disease is preventable through lifestyle modification.

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Commit to your health

Get a copy of Malik’s best selling book, Nation Heal Thyself, check out our instantly downloadable PDF guides, and sign up for our Holistic Medicine Yearly Membership.

Holistic Spoke Wheel

Dr. dababneh's creation of this tool makes it easy to define the 8 important areas of the wheel which require balance. To better guide you in creating balance in your health, reduce anxiety, and have a better quality of life, I created this concept of a spoke wheel. It is based on eight spokes that reflect the important areas of health. Each spoke has four prongs that attach it to the hub and rim. Prongs can be adjusted to tighten or loosen each spoke to meet your needs. If the wheel represents you as a person, then the road would represent your current station in life. For many the road is the winding one that takes them on a mysterious and fascinating journey that is full of pitfalls and roadblocks that makes it miraculous for many of us to survive. The holistic wheel and self-assessment will guide you to wellness and show you how to prevent disease.

What Our Readers Say

Many patients and readers alike have sung the praises of Dr. Dababneh’s newest book, Nation Heal Thyself. Find out for yourself how he has bettered the lives of so many.

Avelina Oxholm, MD
Detroit, MI
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Dr. Dababneh is a caring and compassionate physician who used his own problems with addiction and health to create an avenue towards wellness. Nation Heal Thyself is a book that reveals the struggles of one doctor and how he overcame adversity.
Mario Gross, MD
Boca Ratan, FL
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It's like a healthcare puzzle. All the pieces fit.
A. Robinson, DO
Rochester, MN
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This guide is for everyone. Very helpful for me and my patients.
Timothy Campbell, Mental Health Counselor
Flint, MI
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Everyone should take the assessment. I did, and I will recommend the guide to my clients.

HealthScore Assessment

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